Bolt cloud problem

screenshot of my cloud is like this

in action the second option is not like you have told

Hi @virajent12,
Is the issue with the status or product column? If it’s with the status, then check if the blue and green LEDs are lit in a stable (unblinking) manner. If not, the troubleshooting steps are given in the tutorial:

  • If the blue is not as expected, it is an issue with connection to the power source.
    -If the green is not as expected, it is an issue with network connectivity. Check if you are connected to the right network, and if internet connectivity is available on that network.

If the issue is with the product column, then the link button should be clicked, and the product that you want to link to the device must be selected.

@f20191219 Thanks for the solution the problem has been solved

Hi @virajent12,
Can you please elaborate on the issue? Or is it completely solved? Do let me know if you need any help.