Bolt cloud saving issue

Hi there … Thanks for the swift response to my last query. This time i ran into a problem i built myself. While adding the bolt device in the android app, i did add it, but forgot to save it to my cloud account. The app correctly shows the status as offline or online, but on my cloud dashboard (as expected), the device is not saved as i forgot to save it. Is there any way to remove the bolt device from my android app and then add it back so that this time around, i don’t miss that ‘save’ option … or is there any other way around to sync the device to my cloud account … Thanks in advance

Hi @ee17b110,

Please confirm, is the Bolt Device present in the list of devices in you Android app?
If it is, then the device is linked to the account you signed in with on the Android app. If the same device is not visible on the Bolt Cloud dashboard, then you must have used a different email id to log into the app, as compared to the Cloud account.

If the device is neither visible on the app or the Cloud dashboard, there is nothing to worry.
Just get the device outside the range of the wifi that you configured, and you can configure it again with the Android app.

No bro, i checked. I have used the same email on both app and cloud (infact i just manually logged in to my app & cloud account with the same id & password to confirm this), then i see this on my app homepage :

Device is indeed online as seen on app, but on my just-logged in cloud homepage i see under devices : Add New Device, that’s it. This has really stalled my progress moving forward.

Hi @ee17b110:

The add new device button feature is (under development) not working. As such when the add new device screen shows up, it never updates the screen.

Please refresh your page, and the device should be displayed in your devices tab.

Hey man, you’re correct. I opened bolt cloud on Microsoft edge. This time, i opened on chrome and baam … The device is already present. Thanks chrome and thank you …