Bolt cloud set up

in bolt cloud it is showing as offline,how to make it as online?
when i try to disconnect the college wifi,it is showing to update the firmware,what to do now?

@ravigowtham230…Most of the colleges have certain restrictions on the usage of their own internet like their might be firewalls that are stopping from connecting your bolt device to Bolt cloud.Or your college might have open network which bolt wifi module doesnot support.
So instead, use your mobile hotspot for linking.

Hope it helps.

It’s causing problem because of logging system in the college wifi. Try using your mobile data.

Hi .Most of the colleges may have firewalls that is stopping to connect and you may be facing the issue.
I would suggest try connecting to your phone hotspot and it might work well.

Bolt cloud is featured as a product connecting many devices. here the green light resembles to the cloud server so we can make sure that you are online.
there are some restriction for using college wifi network so you can use your mobile data as hotspot that can support you to bolt cloud set up…