Bolt Cloud website not working

I was trying to open the bolt cloud dashboard to add a device and check the data but it seems that the dashboard is broken? The alignment is off, the buttons arent working, I can’t open any tabs.

Can you share a screenshot of the same? Also, what is your screen resolution?

I am trying to open it on my laptop and it takes too long to open, longer than any other websites so I don’t think it’s a network issue. I don’t know the screen resolution but it’s a default view on a chrome browser on my laptop.
Here’s a screenshot of the website on my laptop.


Does the bolt mobile app show the status of your device? If you have connected properly the device id and status should be visible in your app, and if its showing properly then try reloading your boltiot page a few times or log out and try logging in again. Also check in the products section if you are able to configure the product.

Thank the internet Gods! The website is up and running now.