Bolt connectivity problem

i am using my hostel wifi ,is that reason of not connecting my bolt hostpot?

It could be. I suggest you try connecting it to your phone hotspot and check.

If the problem persists, visit Bolt Setup Debugging WiFi Connection and perform the steps as given. You will also find a lot of debugging steps on this link.

sir how can i connect my phone hostpot to bolt please tell me step.

Just enter the SSID and Password of your Mobile Hotspot on Bolt and it should connect.

sir i have tried everything whatever should be required to connecting my bolt but i did not get my solution .
so can you please tell me what to do because i dont have choice

What is the staus of the Blue LED? is it Blinking?

Did you try connecting it to your Mobile Hotspot WiFi?

Are you able to connect your Laptop to the Bolt Hotspot?

yup it always keep blinking
and i also tried mobile hotspot

Please share your BS.txt file. The file is present on the SD card. You can get the file by using an SD card adaptor.

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sir i am having the same problem
the bolt isnt connecting to my router

Create a hotspot from your phone and try to connect it to that and see if that works.