Bolt Could website scroll lock

I don’t know if this issue is exclusive to me or everyone is facing this situation.
The thing while i’m working on i can’t scroll at any page , on other website scrolling is working properly , but on cloud i just can’t scroll and because of this i m unable to code .

You can see in the image that the scroll bar is missing

Hi @adj03k ,

We have fixed that issue. Please check now and let us know whether it is fine or not.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Its fine , but still its just a portion of the website . The whole website is locked for scrolling.

As you can see in these images , its really difficult to complete the task.

Hi @adj03k,

What is the screen resolution of your laptop/Desktop? As far as scrolling is concerned, we deliberately locked it so that the whole view gets fit in the single screen.
Anyways we will look into this issue and will fix that as early as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

My screen size is 15.6 inch so according to that resolution is set at 1366x768.
I can’t increase resolution more than that and decreasing also doesn’t help i tried .