Bolt Dashboard is not showing my device online

bolt Dashboard is not showing my bolt device online…and my bolt device is online because it is showing green as well as blue light.

Try changing the password of your mobile hotspot or else if its ok then try to see your connections,its better if you use a breadboard to make connections easier…@negis416

Switch on your boltiot wifi mudule and check there is any green light is glowing or not .
if not it’s mean your wifi module is not connected to hotspot.
if yes there is a green led is glowing it’s mean your wifi modulw is connected to hotspot and now your have to refresh your webpage.

How to use the breadboard to make connection easier??.

Switch on your boltiot wifi mudule and check there is any green light is glowing or not o r connect to any wifi near by and then enter password then it will connect then it will show online it indicates green colour that it is connected wifi

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First connect the wifi module to the power supply through android charger and then download bolt app in your mobile phone and follow the instructions shown in the app and then watch the blue light in the wifi module its starts blinking faster that means your connected with the bolt app .

if you use the broadband wifi coonection open the in the laptop and then sign in into your cloud account. it will automatically connects with you with the bolt cloud.

Or else if you use mobile Hotspot then you need two mobile phones set Hotspot on one mobile phone for connection and then connect both the app and cloud with the same Hotspot.
That’s it! Done
Once you connected to cloud green light will be blinked in the Wifi module.

There may be some probable reasons for it
First check your cable the blue indicator light must be blinking that ensures that your cable is working properly
Second For setting up the device you will need a hotspot from another phone and make sure hotspot in your phone is off along to it wifi is on and connected to hotspot of bolt
then give the password of the hotspot of your router to the bolt iot in the app and connect once connected you can see the green light flashing

I faced the same issue.
Firstly, try refreshing the cloud page. The cloud might have been showing the earlier page.
If this doe not solve the issue then try restarting the device.