Bolt device charging

So as soon as I received bolt kit I plugged my device and connected it with WI-FI and cloud. After awhile I made my first project that was a light sensor device. Now my light sensor device is working fine but it only works when I plug it in. I tried charging it for more than an hour but as soon as I remove the plug it stops working. I thought bolt is a wireless device. Also I don’t get reading when the device is not charging. so Please do something about it.

@sangramdighe12345 , it’s not compulsory to connect the bolt module right at the moment when you receive it.

Start going through the training contents and gradually in the videos itself you will get to know when and how ro configure your bolt module with the cloud :slight_smile:

that’s not the issue please read again. :no_mouth:

Previously it was only half. Okay going through that

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Brother bolt is a wireless device in the sense that it gets connceted to the Bolt Cloud whenever it gets a power connection.

In order to power it you have to provide a constant source of electricity. When you plug it into a charger or to a laptop then it’s not charging but it’s showing that it’s ready to execute the commands.

It needs power in order to run because it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery attached to it.

And I know even if there is no Hardware Connection or even if the Bolt Module isn’t connected then also you get some random values. It’s sort of glitch.

When you will proceed further, in the python files you can use the isOnline function to remove the small glitch by first running the isOnline() just after creating the mybolt function. And then if the value returned from isOnline() is 1 then proceed with the other logic. It means that place all the logic inside an if block.


@sangramdighe12345 i hope I have answered your query. So please close this solution by clicking on the solution button on the previous post

Thanks I got it :blush: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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