Bolt device is disconnecting from cloud server after few seconds automatically

I’m trying to connect my bolt device to cloud server but after connecting it successfully to cloud server it disconnects automatically and green light on module turns off.
again after some minutes it connects automatically for few seconds. is that happening with me is normal thing or is that a problem?

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yaa its normal .For me also at first green light blinks. then it stops , after around 1 to 2 mins green light starts to glow again and becomes stable this time

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but on my device it is continuously happening. it turns on and off in 1-2 minutes of time lapse. what can i do?

u can check ur internet connection. Is it Stable?

yeah it is stable and i also tried on another connection but happens same. again i removed it from clod and started again but happens same!

@gauravmore283 Which WiFi network have you connected your Bolt device to? Is it a home/college wifi or mobile hotspot?

It simply means your internet connection has less stability, you should check your ping. if you,re using a mobile hotspot then try using a broadband wifi or a hotspot from other mobile carrier. i hope this helps.

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Hi @gauravmore283,

Please check how many devices are connected to your WiFi router.

What you are describing happens because the number of devices that a wifi router can service are limited. If the number of devices connected to the router increases above its service capability, it kind of load sheds the internet access to several low bandwidth devices.

Since the Bolt WiFi module is a low bandwidth device, it is one of the first devices to be targatted.

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i have personal home wifi with 50mbps speed. my problem is solved now. the module disconnects whenever no data it have to upload or collecting some data to upload. when it does then it automatically connects again to cloud and uploads the data. this process repeats again and again until i don’t remove it from usb power.


first of all check your bandwidth of wifi to which you connect your wifi module.It"s work better in 2.4 ghz band width.
Then check your internet stability of the wifi server.

Thank You