Bolt Device is not responding!

Sir/Madam,my bolt device is not responding it is nither showing blue light nor green light.:disappointed_relieved:

Hi @ameyakalbande6
Please make sure your connections are not faulty or the USB cable you are using is working perfectly. Moreover , if you use laptop for powering your bolt device , it may not be getting enough voltage to work . So please prefer an adapter with an direct connection to power socket.
If still after checking these connections, your bolt device does not respond .Then you can record a video of your device and send it to for further technical help.

You might have either or both of the following problems :

  1. The power supply to the Bolt Module might be at fault, due to the USB cable/Power Adapter.
  2. The pin present on the module for USB connection might be damaged, or at fault.
  3. The LED itself, might be at fault, due to errors occurred purely during handling.
    If you think any of these is the issue, send it with proper documentation and video/photo support to

Try to connect the bolt wifi module properly. If you are not getting needed response from your module, then there may be chances of some problems with your wifi module. I would suggest you to go for replacement of your product.

Firstly, connect it using an adapter rather than a laptop.
Secondly, check the USB cable whether its faulty or not.
If, still it’s not working, you should preferably ask for a replacement of the kit or module.

Try to connect it with an adapter and ensure that you have proper wifi connectivity.If thats not the problem then i would suggest you for a replacement