Bolt device is unable to connect my mobile app


I am unable to connect with my mobile bolt app.
It’s showing error as try again.

Please find attached snaps.


Hello @samir2artificialinte
please cheak your speed of internet conectivity and try again
If you’re currently facing problem
Do one thing
Change your WiFi settings from 5ghz to 2.4ghz by going to

  1. WiFi option
  2. Choose advance settings
  3. Then select base band
  4. Change from 5ghz to 2.4ghz
    Hope this information is useful for you :+1:
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hii, @samir2artificialinte
as you have said that you are facing problem in connecting bolt iot app
don’t worry about it.
when you have installed bolt iot app in your mobile, please go through the following steps that are given there, they are very beneficial and very important is that you must change your wifi bandwidth from 5 ghz to 2.4 ghz.
AND please ensure that you have opened internet connectivity.
then also if it is not connecting please go through

Where have to change 5ghz to 2.4 , in my Jiofiber wifi router or mobile.



If you use mobile hotspot than you have to change
bolt module require wifi bandwidth 2.4 ghz
Hope this information is useful for you.

when u click add device in mobile app…make sure your phone is connected to the wifi router(even i am using jiofi) later when u click ready it should show u the name of the jiofi device…u need to click it and enter password to connect it to the bolt device…once connected the green light and blue light will glow simultaneously…good luck

sure that the device is connected with wifi which connected with app


I connected to bolt device blue and green led up. But after connect to bolt using 2.4 mhz WiFi internet connection , it’s showing error as try again.

  1. uid and password of app with wifi connect
  2. on bolt device step by step went after both up blue and green led then showing as try again
    Already i sent mail to Ashis with snap shot of error.

make sure you have a strong wifi and the same wifi should be used to connect bolt device to the mobile app
also even if that isn’t working try changing your bandwidth from 5GHZ to 2.4GHZ.

I am trying to connect my Bolt with Bolt IoT mobile app. My Bolt WiFi module is powered on and connected to cloud as both blue and green lights are stable. But my mobile app is unable to connect with it. Kindly help

Thanks in anticipation



Did you configure the device anytime before to any of the wifi networks?

same problem the blue and green lights are stable but cant connect it in my smartphone

Did you connect your device to any wifi network before?