Bolt device issue

The Bolt device is not turning ON,it only turns ON once in a day. :smile: don’t know why it is like that.I checked the given cables they were working fine even I tried changing the data cable,it didn’t work.I had sent the mail regarding the issue but no response don’t know what to do

Maybe you are having an irregular power supply.

nope I tried plugging it with adapter to the switch board,but still it was same

Once check by supplying power by your laptop or pc usb port

with the same cable I am able to charge my phone from my PC,OK if I consider there is variation in power supply from MY PC,it should work when I plug it to switch socket,but it isn’t.

Bolt also supports power supply by 5v dc via 5volt pin and ground .if it won’t work then their might be fault in your module and then bolt support team can only help you

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the Bolt module need the power supply as well as the wifi module connected , so if either of the two are not connected the module light will start blinking, so before making a project check the connections properly, and if not so then there might be a problem in the Bolt module.

Just plug in your device to your laptop.