Bolt Device not connecting to wifi

I firstly connected my device with wifi hotspot but now its not connecting.

Make sure your wifi has the internet access. Check the network strength. If everything is fine then try deleting the network and connecting it again. If this does not help then please elaborate your problem.

yes I did it but device is not connecting to that wifi hotspot. When I switched on the device both led i.e green and blue were on at the same time. Is it ok? @akshaykumar.kumar198

If both lights are ON then device is working fine, may be your wifi has no internet access. Did you check that?

Yes wifi hotspot has internet access…what to do I dont know. @akshaykumar.kumar198

@kaustubh.jawale15 Is it a Broadband wifi or a mobile hotspot. If it is a mobile hotspot, then whether you are using same phone for Bolt app and hotspot or different phone? Use a different phone or rather I would suggest that you connect to a stable broadband wifi connection.

make sure you are using different internet access for bolt module,you can not use same phone or internet access for bolt module and bolt app

I am connecting to mobile hotspot and using same hotspot for app as well as bolt device still it is not connecting. @akshaykumar.kumar198

Ohh but previously it was working fine on same internet access. @ankita.kajale

Hi friend even i also faced same problem
close Bolt app in the mobile and then power off your mobile and then turn on (it actually worked for me )
if not please ignore

Ok let me try it @divyamaduri07

hey Mr/Ms.@kaustubh.jawale15 when i tried to connect my bolt device to internet it displayed that your mobile has 5G compaitability it displayed that bolt can be connected to only 2.4 thats the problem i faced if it is the same of yours then use alternative phone for internet connection

@kaustubh.jawale15 Did you change the hotspot password later on? If yes, then you will need to change the hotspot password to what it was the last time or do the setup again on the Bolt app.

For doing setup again how to remove current account? @shoeb.ahmed

Both led are on still its not connecting and please mention how to remove the old bolt device from bolt app. @akshaykumar.kumar198 @shoeb.ahmed @ankita.kajale @divyamaduri07

@kaustubh.jawale15 If you own the current device, you do not need to remove the current account from the Bolt device. You can do the WiFi set up again via the app directly.

If both the LEDs are on, it means that the setup is done already and the Bolt is connected to the WiFi network. Is the device showing on the Bolt Cloud account page?

Ya thats the problem. It doesn’t showing the device online either on app or cloud. @shoeb.ahmed

@kaustubh.jawale15 Can you please send a screenshot of the Bolt Cloud screen? Also, please share the device ID.

@kaustubh.jawale15 you should use different phones that is one phone for the hotspot and another phone for the Bolt app. The phone providing the hotspot should not have the Bolt app for connecting to the Bolt module.

@kaustubh.jawale15 you need not remove the Bolt device just disconnect it from the current mobile hotspot going through the steps in Bolt cloud screen as shown in the pictures and then add it to another network.