Bolt Device not working/ detectable through Ubuntu server(vmware)

Hey there,
Recebtly I finished the coding for Project 14: Z-score anomaly prediction of brightness. After finishing, I noticed that this error was popping up

So upon searching for this error, many people mentioned that it was a network issue, so I decided to run a simple that i had created earlier. It was working fine until yesterday. Upon running device_status it showed this error, Success : 0, An error has occurred.
After this, I went on to my bolt cloud and checked the Led ON/OFF project that I had built. It was working fine, cloud is also working fine, the device is connected to the Wi-Fi too. Every light is stable and I’m able to perform Bolt cloud projects, except the python and vmware ones.
Please help…

Hi @yashasvi.khare1999 ,

Do one thing, remove line 27 which is giving this error, and add print (data) instead. Send the output screenshot over here.

I fixed the error after some more speculation, it turned out i had to change the router settings for ubuntu in the vmware platform.

Thank you for your time.

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