Bolt device shows offline


I have tried several times as per the instructions mentioned as part of Bolt Setup - Linking the Bolt module to the bolt cloud, still no luck. I think I have tried many times so I think I have not missed any steps as such. It looks very cumbersome and documentation need lots of improvement. Please guide further.


@mangesh_chincholkar Hey, can you share the process that you have done till now? It will be helpful for us to pinpoint the step which is giving you issues.


Process is same as shown in the tutorial. No deviation… Please find screenshots attached… You can I reached almost there but I think some last minute glitches are there

Kindly note I am using IoS Bolt App


This problem is solved. I tried connecting using Android App then it was so quick, but earlier I was trying using Bolt App in my iPhone which was really cumbersome to connect BoltIoT Device. Now I am able to connect using iOS app also. But I still feel there might be some issue with iOS BoltIoT App.