Bolt different from other PCBs

I want to know that what makes bolt wifi moudle different and better than any other PCBs like Rassbery pi or ardunio .

Note : please dont share anything from bolt docs cz i had already gone through that and want to know the things appart from that

The first point is the simple wifi connectivity in Bolt wifi module. The programming language used in ardunio and rassbery pi is limited and a bit complex, where as the bolt wifi module is programmable much easily , thus making it more user-friendly. The size of the module is much smaller as compared to rassbery pi. So it can solve your issue of space. You do not need to connect physically the bolt module to the computer for code uploading, and it also offers a free cloud service to you.Making the connections are very simple compared to the audrino. The data collection and display is awesome. And there is much more that i have not explored in it. But , overall it is a very better option than others.


Your reply was quite understandable and useful for me , thank you .
Can you please ans to my one more question that wether bolt can also pass video or image signals , graphical signals like raspberry pi ??

no cannot pass video or image signal or graphical signal like raspberry pi. but you can buy ESP32 cam it has a camera on it so you can record video.

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finally i got my ans thank you so much

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it was my pleasure helping you if you want any more information about about anykinda of development board just let me know

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I will be glad if i get some help on my small idea of making my projector connect to my laptop or phone and project the data of the phone or latop display through bulethoot .
As I get to know now that bolt can not pass any of the graphical signals , I would like to know what are the equipments needed along with raspberry pi and the related code for it

I had just step into in this field, so a kind request to explain it in detail

btw what do you mean by graphical signal?? If you just stepped into this field I would suggest you get clear of all basics. And I don’t think you need anything just get your self a starter kit which you can easily find on amazon.