Bolt getting connected to the specified wifi but cant upload the code

I had connected my house bsnl internet to the bolt and configured it.
And was successful in restarting it.
But when
error comes as upload.html not found.
But when
error comes as stgns.html not found.

i Tried connecting again to bolt hotspot.
but it failed.

also i tried reading the SD card with card reader…
It doesnt read.

what should i do.

I think your BOLT files are missing.You can refer this link

There could be an issue with your SD card.

  1. Please format the SD card with the adaptor.
  2. Copy the files to the SD card from :
  3. Leinster the SD card in Bolt.
  4. Test it again.

The SD CARD IS NOT GETTING DETECTED by the card reader now.

It could be an issue with the SD card in that case. Please drop an E-Mail to and we shall let you know the process for the replacement. Apologies for the trouble you are facing.