Bolt green light is stable and no blue light

Hai there,
i have successfully configured my bolt to internet(WiFi) and cloud as well yesterday.
so today as a part of training classes,i made circuit connections for LDR circuit and then tried connecting the module to my charger for power and then the cloud light that is green light goes stable as soon as i connect power and the blue light is not even turning on.please help me troubleshoot this problem.The device shows offline in the pc & mobile without this problem i would have completed my scheduled topics today.

I tried turning the module on and off and wifi router on and off and it does not work.
please help me with this,
thank you in advance

Make sure u have logined /registered our device with IoT cloud,
plz refer docs. for procedure :Creating an account on the IoT cloud service

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thank you for your response,
as i already mentioned the picture of IOT cloud service shows it offline from gdrive link but the problem is that its not connecting to the network, there is no clue of blue light, only the green light is glowing stable.
In what way is it possible for bolt module to connect to cloud (green ligth stable) without connecting to internet ? (no blue light)
thank you in advance

From the photo which you have uploaded seems that you havn’t connected the resistor in a proper manner … one leg of the resistor should be fixed in GND and other one in AO with the LDR … Try doing this ,it will surely work …
One more thing first connect the power supply with the module ,the blue light will blink slowly then make your hotspot ON , the green light will also get turned ON …and both will be in stable condition


probably not possible for bolt module to connect to cloud without connecting to internet ,but do check the strength of wifi

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First of all check for your internet connection.
secondary make sure you have not touched the ESP chip as it is fragile or might have damaged.

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thank you for your response, yes i have checked and rechecked my network and i haven’t and i dont usually touch on module things, i always hold it by borders.For now it was fixed thank you again :blush:

thank you again for your response, yeah i checked and rechecked the strength of the wifi, it is at its maximum. How ever it is fixed by now, thank you so much for spending your time helping me out :blush:

thank you prettypriya1619, the connections were correct but the angle of pic i have taken seems to be irrelevant. So what i did is i have taken the sensor and resistor off the module and powerd the module up with no sensor or anything connected to it then it worked perfectly. thank you so much for spending your time in responding to my query :blush:

Please can you tell me how did u get your blue light again on… Even i am getting the same problem

Can u tell me how did you got your blue light on as in my case its same… Whenever i have kept my device on its showing green light only

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How did it fix ? I am stuck