Bolt Hardware getting heated up!

As i connect the bolt WiFi Module to a power source (laptop), the cloud LED turns on and the IC near the USB socket and behind the WiFi module in the kit gets severely heated up.
Also it disconnects from WiFi Router and powers off automatically .
When i tried connecting it again after a while, the IC’s temperature suddenly increased drastically. This is really worrying me!!

Hello @tvmukhil
A little bit heating may not be an issue thought it should not have happened.
Keeping it on soft surface like Bed may cause it to heat up.
Do not cover your device inside any non-insulator material.
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

Greetings @chetan.kandarkar99,
After this incident, my hardware kit is not powering on (WiFi led does not respond) else the IC’s temperature again goes up…
My WiFi Module is not powering ON!!

@tvmukhil Send your problem and photo of kit to the
Team will solve your problem.
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

Actually, there was bit of a short circuit in the output pins which shorted the Vcc and GND pin. Figuring out that this would be the cause of the IC to heat up and finally corrected it which solved my problem.
Thank You for your suggestions and support, Sir.

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