Bolt hardware is offline

I had used bolt device previously before 6 months it was working fine but now when I open boltiot app it shows bolt I’d with red mark instead of green.what should I do?


Open your cloud account and check it there if it is showing current status as online or offline and are your both WiFi and cloud LEDs are beaming stable?

Only blue LED is blinking slowly

So what should i do know can you help out!

Check your internet connection

Its connected to wifi network

Is your internet working? Try loading any website on mobile

Yes it’s working well but it’s showing that device is offline

Have you opened and checked your cloud account

Download the app again and try linking the module with the cloud as the steps are given in the course

I had downloaded the app after uninstalling but device is added to my registered email id ? Are you able to relate

Are you able to sign in with your registered email?

I had signed in after that it is showing me device is offline

How to make this red mark as green

If your blue light is still blinking slowly it means you need to connect your bolt to your WiFi network with the help of app

Just check tje network is working properly.

If the problem is still on then I would recommend you to retry setup which means add your product from first step itself.