Bolt hardware is offline

@vipulpurohit4321 your bolt module is not connect with Internet , Remove Device from your app and re-add your device in your app
This Problem caused by
Changing your Wifi SSID or Password

change the usb wire that connected the bolt iot and connect it .
after making changes now you connect it to your phone. It will work

its is possible due to some network should have to check the network. wifi must be connected.check the usb cable you used.

it is better to set up your device again and see that your internet connection is good for better connectivity

@Naveenkumar369 I too facing the same problem how can I re-add my device to my mobile app means how can I remove my device from the app.

@akhilapotnuru88 I too facing the same problem how can I re-add my device to my mobile app means how can I remove my device from the app.

@rizwinck I too facing the same problem how can I re-add my device to my mobile app means how can I remove my device from the app.

ok, plz follow these steps below: i think this will help you.

  1. clear your Bolt Device data and close the app.
  2. turn OFF your mobile data and turn ON your mobile WIFI.
  3. Now open your bolt app and got to add device button.
  4. now you have to reach the screen where you will see a READY Button, but you have not to press it.
  5. Now turn ON your Bolt device and as its Blue LED blinking stats, you have to press the ready button immediately. Now app will ask for to connect to a WIFI or hotspot, then you can choose as you want. Now follow the further steps asking by the Bolt app, Now your Bolt Device is ready for use.

Once again you do the same thing. As in the screenshot - go to Add device, then you turn on your bolt device with power supplier or turn on by connecting bolt device with laptop and then as
by the instruction in BOLT app continue and at last click the ready button and then do the instruction like turning on wifi, location, and after turn on hotspot and mobile data. try it 2 or more time. You check the USB cable once again. It may solve your problem. I also faced same problem.

if you are having windows , then try go to settings<network<mobile hotspot and edit your password then reconnect your module and connect to the wifi and link it … see if this work.

@gowthampallala45 First remove device from bolt account , After open your mobile application to Re-Register your device


If the Blue LED is blinking slowly the device is ready to be set up. It means the device was not able to connect to wifi if it was previously configured. This might happen of you have changed name/password of your wifi or the wifi is off.

You can click on ADD DEVICE button on the app and complete the process again to connect the device to the cloud.

my friend check if it’s in the bolt module green light is blinking are not otherwise chek
on the web page, it’s online or offline.

@vipulpurohit4321… You have changed your wifi password . Please make sure you don’t change your wifi password.You may also check your internet connection is work in proper manner.Check your USB cable also. It may solve your problem. My friend was also facing the same problem. It may solve your problem too.

your bolt module is not connected to Internet , Remove device from your app and add your device in your app again
This problem might be caused by
Changing your Wifi SSID or Password
If the problem is still on then I would recommend to retry setup which means add your product from first step itself.

I have face the same issue. First connect your mobile wifi to bolt device. Default password is bolt1234.
Now as per your screenshot click on ADD DEVICE and it will conect to your bolt device.
I solve my problem through this method.

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How to remove device from Bolt Account?

I am facing the same problem.

A week ago the device was working properly, but now the blue led just blinks slowly and the device status is offline!!!

People are giving suggestions to remove device from account.

But please guide me how to do that!!

Hi @rutvijpshah,

To unlink the device from your account. Refer this link

As I have mentioned in the previous thread, you don’t have to unlink the device form your account. Just follow the setup process to connect your device to your account Bolt Device not connecting to wifi

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Open your cloud account and check it there if it is showing current status as online or offline and are your both WiFi and cloud LEDs are beaming stable?