Bolt hotsopt not showing and wifi led stable condition

Dear Sir /Madam a very happy new year.I am just started work with bolt IOT but I am not getting any bolt hotspot in both androids. In my microcontroller, there is no blinking , wifi led is stable .please sort out the problem as soon as possible

Hi Govind,
There is no problem with your device. When the module is connected with WiFi, the WiFi LED will be stable. So, your device indicates that it is connected with your WiFi. You should follow the next procedure to connect it with cloud.

Please follow the instructions given in the video:

I have tried everything but it showing to give bolt hotspot password by selecting bolt wifi link but in my android bolt wif not showing.In such condition how can I connect with the bolt hotspot

The microcontroller wifi led remain stable when ever I connected with adopter without connceting with anroid bolt app

I am also not able to the shearing photo here

can you send me what app massage on 9365447064 so that I can send you some photo .I am not able to sending image here

There is no blink in the microcontroller


Does the blue led blink just once after you power on the device?

yes sir .I have two androids. In one android ,I am not getting any bolt hotspot and on another android, I am getting an interface of try again.I am not able to share video here please what app me on 9365447064 so that I can share the video with you. Thanks, sir


If the Blue LED is not blinking slowly, the device won’t be starting its hotspot.
Can you confirm again if the Blue LED blinks just once after starting the device? If yes, we will be replacing the device if it’s under warranty period ie till 1-year after purchase.