Bolt Import Error

I am actually new to bolt platform so when i tried to run the first example of checking whether the bolt module is on…
It showed me the error cannot import Bolt from boltiot… but i have already install it correctly using the pip command . These are the version of modules that were installed with boltiot–>
PyJWT-1.7.1 boltiot-1.11.2 six-1.14.0 twilio-6.38.0

also i am working on windows the same import statement ran when i used it using my ubuntu app which allows me to run linux command … why so ?

Have you repeated the install steps on your windows system?
I haven’t tried the Linux on Windows but I assume they have separate space for that. As such any installs on one system wouldn’t be reflected on the other.

sorry for the trouble but now i sorted the problem since i was having file with same name as boltiot module … so sorry for all the trouble that i caused !!!

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