Bolt iot and cloud

i need ‘’‘a href…’’’ code of controlling led through bolt device from cloud

give the working code please, not ideas


In the following link you will get both the tutorials as well as the code

Follow this step to control through the cloud.

As you can see in the test_bulb.html file, pin number is 0.

<button onclick="digitalWrite(0, HIGH); changeImage();" style="height:50px;width:75px">ON</button>
  <img id="myImage" src="" height="200" width="200">
  <button onclick="digitalWrite(0, LOW); changeImage();" style="height:50px;width:75px">OFF</button>


Let me know in case you need further assitance.

its just changing image on click of button on/off, but no connection to bolt as no led glow on/off

Hi @12letsdo
Please check if your device is getting internet access.
check if your device is alive or not using bolt cloud account.
Use your API key and device id to check the status of bolt device.

Syntax :<api_key>/isAlive?&deviceName=<device_id>
For example :

In above URL replace your API key with your API key and device id with your device id and after that type the in URL in the browser.