Bolt iot app cant connect to the module

I got the bolt module about 2 months ago. I didn’t had the time to check if i am able to connect it to the cloud due to exams happening at that time. So i just powered it on and saw it blinking slowly and so i thought it will work fine. Since i have the time to do the course now, so I have been trying to connect the module to my wifi network. As told in the instructions, i downloaded the app, logged-in to my account, turned on the module and sawed the slowly blinking blue light and then i pressed the add device button and i got a message stating that the app couldn’t find any devices. i brought the module close to the phone but had no luck. I then went to the wifi settings and saw that the ssid Bolt 291017 appears for a few seconds and disappears for 10-15mins or more. So i waited for the ssid to appear again and once i saw it and went back to app, the app found it . But the connection lasted for a second or less and once again the app showed the message that it couldn’t find any device. I again went back to wifi settting and the ssid dissappeared.

what all you need to do is if you are using mobile phone hotspot then you need to use two mobile phone initially for set up.the mobile(a) which has bolt app.connect it to wifi of other phone(b) using hotspot in other phone(b).switch off the data connection and turn on location of phone(a) which has bolt open app and add device to it and use the same wifi of other phone(b) .hope this help.

The problem is that the module’s inbuilt wifi is turning on for a few seconds and turns off for 15 mins or so. So the app cant find the device.

can you please explain in detail the status of the LED on the module.
i will try to help if i can.

Because of some error you are not able found wifi network. if you are not able to connect to your wifi network simply connect to your mobile hotspot . at the bottom their is option to connect your mobile hotspot just click on that . and go for turn on your mobile hotspot as per instruction given by them.

The blue LED is blinking slowly

I have recorded my phone screen. The bolt module is turned ON when the screen is been recorded. See the error by going to this link

the same problem happened with me actually i was doing this on redmi note 6pro and a alert came to me that the phone has capability to connect to 5ghz and bolt can connect to 2.4ghz
might me same problem with you
here is the soution which i tried
i took ann older version old andriod phone install bolt app and follwed the procedure on old phone and i was giving net connection to od phone by my new phone hotspot and turn off data connection of old phone and turned on location of old phone
and i saw the my both phone’s bolt app were showing bolt cloud active and then i just swicht off my old phone wifi and location and uninstall the app and the work of old phone was over
and my new phone was doing my work
hope this help
please tell if this do not work we will try our best .

I understand problem just put off your wifi then try. first i want to know are you try to connect with hotspot or wifi?

  1. if you are try to connect with wifi then put it on .
  2. if you are connected to hotspot then please put off your wifi.
    follow this steps:
    a) click on your bolt app.
    b) add device.
    c) then follow that three steps.
    d) put off your data
    e) then they will ask to connect with wifi or hotspot just click on hotspot .
    f) enter your SSID/network name with suitable password .
    g) after this go and put on your hotspot.
    hope my steps will help you.

I did tried using with my phone connected to my wifi router, my phone not connected to any wifi or phone data, and phone connected to hotspot as well. In every case i get the same message.

Sir,which mobile uses more net data?

@meenadhruvan, i did not understood your question.

We are using 2 mobiles right?
One for wifi connectivity to bolt wifi module another one for installing the app. He I want to know which uses more data network so that I can choose mobile accordingly.
Just wanted to know whether the bolt wifi module consumes a lot of net.

@meenadhruvan Use that phone for creating the WiFi network via phone hotspot which you are using temporarily for setting purpose, in short don’t think much about data consumption because after the set up is done you are going to use single phone to give wifi to the module , so install the app in good network data available phone which is preferably you personal phone.

@govindbagdiya22 Very much thanks for your reply friend.

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