Bolt IoT app issue

After signing in the app I am redirected to this page when I continue from here…
A blank screen appears and remains constant…
Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.


While using Bolt wifi module for the first time, it provides hotspot of its own to connect to your device having bolt iot app.
Have you connected your mobile to this hotspot initially?
After doing this, you have to select the wifi you want your bolt wifi module to connect to. The Bolt app will configure your bolt device to connect to this wifi and then to the cloud.
Once this is done, bolt wifi module automatically connects to this wifi whenever switched on.

@rahul.singh1 and @shoeb.ahmed1 Can you please check this issue?

Hi @jaychopade15,

Apology for the inconvenience, We are looking into this issue. Can you open the in your laptop and log in with the same email id and password and there you will get the form. After filling the form on Bolt Cloud, you can continue using the Bolt IoT app.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.