Bolt IoT app suspected Bug

I am using Huawei nova (Android). Although my bolt device is set up and running, there’s an issue when I try to reset the bolt device using my nova phone. On step 3 of setting up the device, when credentials are being fetched, the app displays the message :

Upon pressing ok (even repeatedly), nothing happens and the message keeps blinking on the phone indefinitely and I am forced to abort the setup and force-shut the app. This happens everytime I setup. I think it might be due to an erroneous infinite loop in your Bolt IoT app source code. Please look into this, sir.

Hello ee17b110,
No worry!
Do follow the steps mentioned in boltiot training .
The message, which was displaying , is to connect your bolt device to a wifi network available near you of frequency 2.4Ghz.
Or else try again by uninstalling and installing bolt app!!
There is nothing wrong in Bolt app source code ,as i am using it still now.

@ee17b110 We have noted the issue faced by you. We will try to find out the root cause of the issue as it works on other phones without any issues.
As such, it might not be possible to release a bugfix update very soon. So, to continue your setup, you can use any alternative phone to complete the setup.

Meanwhile, please send us the device details like Name, Model, Android version, rooted or not etc. to

I used a cheaper phone that can only connect to 2.4ghz networks. There, no such message was displayed and the bolt device was successfully set up. So, @suryaanirudh2611, did you have the same message displayed while connecting on the Bolt App, else how can you be sure it’s fine ?
My Huawei Nova has been updated with the latest android and has 6gb RAM (and 180 gb free storage), so a question of phone deliberately crashing is not on the cards. The phone’s UI has never crashed till date, although faulty apps tend to crash every now and then.

Thanks @shoeb.ahmed, I had thought of mailing them. I will do so.

Even i got the message just as an indication but not the case as like you !!
Once , i have pressed ok and it was never displayed.