Bolt IOT cloud access help

Hi, I am working on a new project Home Automation. The different appliances are connected to bolt via relay switches. I have created an html UI which allows me to switch on/off the different devices.

Now I want my whole family to access the html page and control the appliances, so
How can I host a local server which will allow me access to the web app instead of going to bolt cloud and then clicking on bolt device icon?

Hi @sayakbhar
You can use bolt cloud API to build your own application/ Web App
For example: Suppose you are building an Android app that will switch on and off the bolt Led.
Your Android application will internally connect to bolt cloud API but your user will not aware that you are using some other services.
You can refer this blog also

Let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thanks for the information but I don’t know how to build an android app. I know how to build a webpage. So what can I add to the html code to use bolt cloud API?


You can host your webpage on a local server as well if you are not using JS file from Bolt cloud.

You can look into the JS file on how to use the Bolt API in your HTML page