Bolt Iot device is not responding

Respected sir/madam, The Bolt device is showing two lights are on but not connecting to the device .
Can you please help me

make sure the lights are stable or not,and if you have installed bolt app in your phone,you should use another phone for personal hotspot connection.
And also check the cable that you are using is according to the specifications mentioned.
hope this helps.gud luck.


@mohammedafroz82539 Change the password of your hotspot network and follow the setup process again to link your device to the new wifi network.

Check this link::point_down:t3::point_down:t3::point_down:t3:

Thank you!!

Sir, the lights are stable .the bolt device is connected to wifi and I followed the instructions properly before connecting the device

If both light are ON,then try reloading the webpage.

Still the device is not connected ,but the two lights are on and stable sir

@mohammedafroz82539 plz try to connect another new wifi then try to uninstall the app and install it then once try it…
Thank you

sir,when the device is connected to the usb and when i switch on the power,Automatically the blue light and green light are on and stable but not connecting the bolt app.
I am confused sir

I have the same issue I even tried contacting them but no proper guidance.

Hi @mohammedafroz82539 and @joydeepseal323,

Is the Bolt device connected to any wifi network ? Change the wifi password of your home network and check if the blue led is blinking ?

Also recored a video of the issue and upload it google drive and share the public link of the video with us?

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

I would suggest you to go through the Getting Started with the IoT Cloud module step by step which include the trouble shooting sections too.
Try checking your connecting wire,internet connectivity and make sure your connecting to a wifi of bandwith 2.4 GHZ.

@rahul.singh1 sir,

Here’s the link of the video that you asked me to share I hope you will get to understand my issue now.