Bolt IOT Device not able to connect to cloud


Hi, Your pin number should be between 0-4 because the only old bolt has more that 5 pins.
Let me know in case you need further assistance.


This is the correct command, you had put a β€œ/” instead of a β€œ&” before deviceName arg


When i turn off data,on registering shows no connection to network.But when i turn on data,the ip_address/register? does not load.Please help me.



Please send you Bolt id to us we shall register it for you remotely.


Bolt Id - BOLT3634866
Email -


Hi @avidillon5 ,
Please connect your bolt to the internet enabled Wi-Fi network. Also, refer this thread Even after Registering Bolt device is not showing in my cloud

Let me know in case you need further assistance.


Once you have registered your device to the Bolt cloud i.e. it should be visible on your dashboard on the site After registering, My device is not visible on dashboard.

i tried using various email id , but still my device is not visible.


Hi @avidillon5 , Your bolt device isn’t linked to the email you mentioned in the previous comments and device id you mentioned is also not linked to any email. So, I suggest you to going through the doc again and repeat all the steps from scrach.