Bolt iot device won't powered on

My bolt iot device won’t turned on even the power has been supplied. There’s no blue or green led lit up on the device but I’ve set up the wifi setup for the device. This happened when I’m trying to run my project.

Things I’ve done to test the device -

  • Changed the usb cable
  • removed the connection and reconnecting it
  • try connecting the device to laptop

But still not working

video of the device

Please disconnect all wires from the Bolt and then power it on using your laptop. Request you to share a video of that. If there is an issue with the module we will provide you with a replacement.

if you have multimeter , check continuity between the 5v of USB/ female header and the 3.3v converter/ regulator. if you don have multimeter, get one!!( its super cheap 150 only). also check voltage of output of regulator, you can see 3 terminal in line, the middle one is ground, touch black probe of meter to ground and other probe to remaining terminal and see if there is any voltage, if you see 5v on one and 3.3v on other then everything is ok and there is problem in esp8266 IC. I recommend you should ask for replacement if the board does not show any voltage on output of regulator.