Bolt iot is not opening with IP address in google chrome

Bolt iot is not opening with IP address in google chrome. I am not able to upload the code . Its not showing the upload page

Hi Raja,

Can you be more specific what are you trying to achieve here? Are you trying to upgrade your firmware? Where are you using the IP address.

When I connected my bolt and laptop to same wifi and it generated a ip for bolt . When I am attempting to open the upload page for page to upload my code it’s showing ip not found

Are you using Bolt v1 or v2? Usually, you can tell this by the colour of the Bolt. It is white in colour then it is v2 else it is v1. The reason that I am asking this is that you don’t require to upload the code via IP address for Bolt v2. It is only required for Bolt v1.

Ok thank you . My bolt is v2

@rajaathota72 Good to know that your query has been solved. Let me know if you face any other issues. Will be happy to help out.

When I do analogread and print it I get output as {value =“200”; success =“1”} .so my question is where that value get stored ? How I can excess that value ?

@sahanibrajesh89 The value=200 is the analog value. The response is in a JSON object. If you have made the request using python library, you can get the response by doing a json loads and then accessing the value like a normal JSON key-value pair.