Bolt IoT kit is compulsory?

What if we buy a boltIot kit outside and listen to your classes??

I think its better to go out with Bolt official course since you will not be able to access bolt cloud when purchased outside.

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I personally feel this is not a good idea because the kit price is same everywhere so it is good to buy course access and kit both at same time so that in future chance of confuse will not occur.

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The bolt course is designed to give you a hands on experience on Boltiot. If you buy modules from outside you will lose touch and hence you will find it boring. Everything in the course is made to make you as familiar with the Bolt wifi module. Overall you get the required experience to make you industry ready. Bolt cloud will also help you to integrate BoltIot wifi module with the internet. You will also learn html and javascript in this course.


I personally feel that Cost of the kit is same outside also but if you buy the kit in Boltiot you will get the course and as well as kit. which is very helpful to you.

Yes, Bolt kit is very compulsory. as by listening to the classes you can do practical work too.