Bolt iot library for arduino

The below code is showing an error

Error- BoltIot-Arduino-Helper.h: No such file or directory
I have already included the bolt iot library in arduino ide. But still i am getting the error.

How to include the library in Arduino IDE?

Please follow the steps given below to include the Bolt library into the Arduino IDE.
Go to the Github link
Click on clone or download button and download the zip.
Open Arduino IDE ( In case you don’t have Arduino installed, click here to find out how to install it.)
Click on Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .Zip library.
Navigate to the folder containing and select
Press ok and the library is loaded.
Write the Arduino code. Examples are given below for reference.
Note: We recommend you to choose hardware serial over software serial.

refer this :

I have already visited the page that you are suggesting .

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You ask him @rahul.singh1 he might help you…

Ya that’s a good idea

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@vinayak.joshi I believe you know how to solve this.


I see you have your arduino code in a notepad file.

How are you compiling the code? Are you using the Arduino IDE or something else?

No , i am using arduino ide for sure. I just pasted the code in note pad for screenshot purpose.By the way may problem is solved.
Thanks for replying

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Hi, may i know how did you solve the problem i am getting same eror.


Install the BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper library using the steps given in the following link, and then restart the Arduino IDE.