BOLT IOT microcontroller not showing any LED light on connecting to power

I want to connect bolt microcontroller to cloud,
but when i power it on by connecction to microusb, the blue led light just blink for fraction of a second and then goes off.
what i read is…the blue led to blink slowly slowly to proceed further,
but in my microntroller the blue light just goes of in blink of an eye, i think my bolt microntroller is defective,

help me to replace it.

Download the Bolt IoT app and link the Bolt device using the app.
and follow the steps shown in this link:

Step 8: Next you have to connect the Bolt device to a local Wi-Fi Network which will be displayed by the app for you to select from. Make sure that the Wi-Fi does not have further verification code requirements except the password. Ensure that the Wi-Fi operates at 2.4 GHz and Not 5 GHz. Ensure there are no ASCII characters beyond the allowed range of 0-127 in your SSID or PASSWORD.

Here I used another mobile hotspot to connect my bolt device to the bolt cloud. And it worked fine.

Hello rajupotharaju155,
When blue light in your bolt device is blinking slowly,then it is transmitting it’s hotspot and ready for setup.The blue led becomes stable once it’s get connected to the wifi network.There is no default in your bolt device, since it started blinking blue led.You need not worry.
Hope you understood!!

experiencing the same issue.

i have already setup my bolt and completed the LED project.
it was working fine until i generated my api key. from then the green LED went off and the blue LED was on even though my wifi and data was active so i disconnected and reconnected my bolt device and now niether of the led is turning on, the blue led blinks only once when i connect the power and then nothing else.

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@varunrajanna9 I also faced the same problem, but after in my case no light is blinking, the board shows up light up only when connected via USB cable. Pls give me a solution