Bolt IoT module connection with WiFi and Mobile app

My android phone is connected to the wifi and I have the bolt application installed in the same phone and my bolt module is on with slow blue blinking and whenever I try to add the device the blinking gets faster but no luck having it connected successfully, it says could not connect to Bolt. I’ve tried the troubleshooting techniques but none of them helped and most questions is the forum were related to using another phone for hotspot, that didn’t seem to work either( I did have the main Home router/wifi turned off to avoid multiple hotspots). Is there any way to authenticate via password and is yes where will I find it?

Steps to follow ( this is what I did when I had the same issue )

  1. Switch off your mobile data and wifi
  2. Go to the bolt iot app then click on add product
  3. It asks you to connect to the wifi , connect it to the hotspot of your BOLT device
  4. Then later it asks you to connect to a 2.4 GHz Wifi connection make sure its 2.4GHz
  5. Enter the password of the wifi ( the home router )
    These were the steps that helped me I hope it helps you too :))

Also, try not doing all the procedures when your phone is in the battery saver mode.

And if nothing works then try doing from the beginning by doing ‘Add New Device’ in the Bolt App.

make sure that your mobile data is off and check whether you are having an active wifi connection