Bolt iot module LED problem

I started my training on 1st May,2021. The Bolt kit came way before and it was working perfectly until I started to do the LED blinking project and suddenly both the Wifi and loud LED lights starting blinking. The same has been shown through a link which contains the video of the problem. What to do now?

Video problem

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Buddy, maybe you should try changing the USB cable with your mobile charger USB cable, if that doesn’t work either then try changing the power source like if you were using the laptop to power it then next try phone charger with 5V output connect in the power socket just like you charge your mobile phone.

The green light of cloud in Bolt Iot module has become stable but the blue light is blinking rapidly as shown below in the video.What to do?

Looks like your your bolt device is transmitting HotSpot and your mobile is connected with it. Turn the wifi of your mobile off also before and after doing this, check on BoltCloud if your device is showing online or offline.

For troubleshooting check this link: setting up the bolt wifi module

Look, * Blue LED blinking fast indicates that Bolt is transmitting a hotspot and a smartphone is connected to that hotspot.

The cloud is showing my device offline everytime even after doing what you said. Then I removed the device from my cloud. After removing the device the green light continued to glow and the blue light was blinking rapidly(Same situation again). Please tell me how to fix this?

This is the autoconnect.
when you link your bolt device for the first time to the boult cloud, then sometimes device is automatic connect to the cloud.
and blue light is blinking rapidly it means your device is connected to your mobile/laptop wifi to fixed this connect a any device hotspot to the wifi module from boltiot android mobile app.

Hi @gjain1_be19,

The issue normally occurs because of a loose USB port.

Write to, add this forum link to the email, and ask them to replace your device.

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you need to first remove all the connections you have made , software data has also being Problem with the wifi module led cleaned and connect bolt wifi module again with your handset make sure that internet connection is on and connected to same network of yours…hope it will help you