BOLT IoT Module!

Hey guys, actually I have just enrolled in the BOLT IoT and ML course. I got my kit delievered 2 days back. Now I want to test whether my kit is working fine or not, because I will be starting the course from Jan as I am having my exams right now.
So can anyone tell me how can I check that my kit is working fine? I don’t think there is any dedicated video in the Training for configuration of Bolt Module.
Do I have to download Bolt App from the playstore and link my module to the phone? Please clarify all the things.

You have to download the app from playstore and sign in to the app.
Click on add device and patiently executive the steps mentioned.
Now, after the connection of the IoT module with WiFi is succesful, you can press on the device listed on the app and you will be directed to another page.
Do the connections as shown in the page and you are good to go.
If this solved your problem do let me know. That makes me happy.

check out this link for a step be step guide to solve your problem

All the best for your exams

Thanks @shibanishashin.v I somehow manged to solve the problem. Have you completed the course or still completing this course? If yes, did you took part in the Innovation Challenge. Please tell me about your experience