Bolt IoT Module

I tried out the Bolt IoT module for the first time. But I was surprised that the USB port in the module was small enough and it was very hard to put the USB pin into the port.
Is this issue is with everyone or my module is somewaht wrong because I become nervous while plugging the pin from the port!

Please clarify

Please don’t get panic. From my experience Bolt IoT team is offering a great support for its users. I can’t understand the level of difficulty you faced but yeah I did experience this. It was a bit tight. I hope this will help you to calm down yourself. For any troubles do write on forum. You can share the images of the issue in the forum for helping others to understand your problem. Wishes for a happy Maker journey.

Yes, I experienced this issue as well, the port is slightly narrow and it requires more force to get it connected correctly.
If you are not sure then don’t use brute force, take a USB cable that is narrow enough to fit. you can use any chord that you might have at home.
Hope this helps.

Thanks @arunkedu and @shibanishashin.v

When we spend 2750Rs. on buying a good product then we have to handle it carefully. I think the size of the USB is not so small but the price of the module makes us think twice while handling it. We have to overcome this fear only while handling it.

@vishalvats2000 It is just a small port. Just handle it carefully. Thats it. In every arduino, you can see a small USB. It’s just for making it smaller. Any micro USB charger will be fine. If it doesnt fit, Check onto Mini USB charger(which are normally used for card readers). That might do good.

This is the link for mini USB cable :

This is the link for Micro USB cable :

Yes, I too faced the same issue. But I can say that the port is not delicate. Don’t worry you will get used to it.

Hey @vishalvats2000, The USB port is not small but is new so it will be easier for you to plug in/out (USB port) with time.
Obviously it happened with me too but with time it became easier to plug into the USB port.