Bolt iot not connecting to wifi

my module is not connecting to bolt cloud. previously it was working fine but while making the light monitoring system it got disconnected. it is not connecting to bolt cloud.

plz help me

Hello @aryansrivastava1309
please cheak your wifi internet connectivity.
If it not connected to cloud than do the all the setting again
setting bolt module
refer this link for setting your module connecting to wiifi.
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

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It is showing some error while connecting…previously both lights were blinking green and blue but while making a project only blue light was blinking.After that day my bolt device is not connecting to bolt cloud.
I am afraid why its happening.

Hi @aryansrivastava1309,

possible reason could be because you might have changed the password of the hotspot which you had used before for connecting to bolt


Please follow the same process that you had done for the first time while configuring the device.

Go to the app and click on Add device button and follow the instructions on the app.

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is there any way by which i can remove my device and then again connect it???

Hello @aryansrivastava1309
Please visit bolt cloud page,where you get your device information.After that device section appear in the left corner,click on it. Where your connected device has been shown on the dashboard.Now in that device you can see three dots at last,click on it.Now go to the device info. and you can see the button of disconnect in the pop-box of device it and your device has been disconnected.
You can also add new device through click on Add Device button that will be appear on the dashboard.
Hope this information is useful for you :slight_smile:

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Hello @aryansrivastava1309
First you have to connect your device with bolt cloud.Because green light is a status that shown your device is successfully connected with bolt cloud.
First step is on your device hotspot.
second step is on your bolt circuit.
Now if the connection has been done before than automatically your device is connected with cloud and you can see the green light in circuit. otherwise you have to follow below link.
Link bolt circuit to the cloud

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actually my bolt does not support this because it is not updated…i want to update it but it is not connecting to wifi…:disappointed_relieved::frowning::sob:

i have done all necessary steps…i am thinking that there could be a problem in the wifi module

Hello @aryansrivastava1309
I had the same issue as you explained. You should try switching off the Bolt module, then change the password of your wifi / mobile hotspot to which you have configured your Bolt module, lastly disconnect Bolt module from the wifi from “device info” section. Restart the process of configuring Bolt explained in the course.
I had done this to resolve the issue at my side.
Hope it will work for you.

thanks mayank…I will try this step also