Bolt iot version 1

i need documentation on setting up BOLT IoT version 1,please help

@rohitshinde356 The Bolt version 1 was deprecated a long time back. We do have a backup of the documentation, but it is not being maintained.
You can go to the link below and sign in using the older credentials.

thank you, but i do not remember my password and the link which i got after requesting for a reset leads me to this

@rohitshinde356 Go to to reset your password. You will need your email ID to reset the password however.

yes i have already tried this, it the link which i receive through email leads me to the page which i have shown above…is there any way u can send me the documentations and simple code on how to control an LED

@rahul.singh, Can you please check if we have any documentation of Bolt version 1 and send it to him?

@shoeb.ahmed is it possible to get the documentation with specifications of bolt?

@rohitshinde356 Check out the link below,

Hi @rohitshinde356.

You can access the older trainings content here here . Login with your email id and password, You will able to get the content here but the user experience will not be very good.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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