Bolt Iot Wifi module s not connecting to Mobile App or Cloud Dashboard whether both LEDs are on

Hi Bolt Team I am facing the same issue with my bolt wifi Module.
Both my Blue and Green LEDs are blinking. I resetted my wifi password twice,reinstalled the application and go through all the related discussions but nothing came fruitful. i.e. no Verify Wifi option has shown up while selecting network for cloud. as soon as I gave it the password it connects to the cloud and not its wifi turned off & its not showing on my Bolt App even on my cloud dashboard . So please help me in this case.

email Id:
Device Id: Bolt7912845

Iā€™d be so grateful

Its now all fine. You guys are all responsive and helpful.

Thank You.

@Souvik_Pramanick Thank you for the update and apologies for the inconvenience.

Your WiFi setup was completed. However, the app had not linked it to your account. We have linked to your account.

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