Bolt is not connected to my phone

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In bolt device it is only sufficient for 2.5 GHz wifi network so you may have to connect with other wifi network whose capicty is 2.5 Ghz capicity

Steps for checking if your wifi is 2.5 Ghz or 5Ghz [[[-> go to your phone settings >search for Networks & internet >select wifi >select your connected wifi(that wifi you want know know 2.5hz or 5ghz.

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Try to set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot through someone’s phone near you and then Boom! Your Device would be connected. Also Please Switch off the mobile data of the Mobile which your are using to Access/Connect the Bolt Module. (i.e) Switch off the Mobile Data of the Mobile which you have screenshotted.

Since ,Bolt wifi module works on 2.4GHz you have to select that wifi router or that mobile hotspot
which is working in 2.4GHz this can be done by going throwgh the list provided by the boltiot cloud app in which all your wifi networks are listed .choose the right wifi network link the bolt wifi module with it and then,reboot the device after rebboting from onwards it will automatically get connected to that network.
Note-make sure you have powered the wifi module on 5V adapter and logged into your bolt account.
Hope it works for you:)