Bolt is not turning on

Blue led is not blinking even after connecting to Power source so that its not generating hotspot.
Please help me.

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Try with different USB? Also record a video for your Bolt setup and upload it to google drive and share the video link with

Tried with many usb pins, but not working.

Recorded video.

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Same problem with mine also. It is not working, I tried connecting it with many usb pins, still nothing is coming alive! It’s been a month since I bought my bolt iot kit, it’s disappointing. Could you please replace?!

Same problem with my device also bro! Did you find any solution?!

Hi @bikkumallanageshwarr.
I believe that the unit @sreekanthraju999 received has been replaced.
Did you send a query to regarding your problem? If the problem is deemed genuine, you will get a replacement for the unit.

I am also facing same problem wifi blue led is not turning on and also not blinking, only cloud green led was blinking while turning on with the power supply and I bought the course recently.
Please help!

Hii @sreekanthraju999 ,this problem can be solved by many ways …try changing the usb cable , your power supply , or if you have hold bolt module harshly .

@amansenapatibuddy have you solved your problem I’m also facing the same problem

I think charging pin not inserted properly or othwerwise by removing the supply continuously bolt module got damaged