Bolt is not turning on


Blue led is not blinking even after connecting to Power source so that its not generating hotspot.
Please help me.



Try with different USB? Also record a video for your Bolt setup and upload it to google drive and share the video link with


Tried with many usb pins, but not working.

Recorded video.


Same problem with mine also. It is not working, I tried connecting it with many usb pins, still nothing is coming alive! It’s been a month since I bought my bolt iot kit, it’s disappointing. Could you please replace?!


Same problem with my device also bro! Did you find any solution?!


Hi @bikkumallanageshwarr.
I believe that the unit @sreekanthraju999 received has been replaced.
Did you send a query to regarding your problem? If the problem is deemed genuine, you will get a replacement for the unit.