BOLT is not working

sir I have got my bolt product today it is not working , leds are not flashing either green and red also so please help me or replace my item. thankyou

Hi @vamsikrishnap436,

Have you tried connecting with any other adapter? It need not be connected to the laptop, you only need the USB to provide power the Module.

Go through the video in to debug any issue you might relate with.

In case the Blue light isn’t powered on even with a different adapter, let me know.

@akshayan.sinha yes I have used different adapters not only laptop.


In that case, write a mail to requesting for a replacement of the module.
Along with the mail, send a video footage of you turning ON the adapter, but the Module not turning ON.
Post approval, you’ll receive a confirmation mail for your replacement.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

I have sent them but I have not got any replacement mail


When did you send the Email?

At 8:30 o clock I have sent the mail


You’ll receive the confirmation during working hours. Do not worry about that.

Just make sure you sent the mail to the correct email ID.

Okay bro thank you so much for spending your valuable time with me I let u know when I get the confirmation mail

Make sure this is done as well. For faster processing.

May I ask if you have solved your problem?

No my problem have not solved please replace my product


Do not worry. The team has received your video link and your request. You’ll receive updates very soon.