Bolt kit not received, still the status is shown paid

I had purchased this order on the 26th of July 2020. When I logged in, the payment status has already changed to paid but, I have not received my bolt kit. Kindly look in this as soon as possible.

@dmgaya don’t worry , you’ll get the tracking details of your kit in email/sms. it may take some time to be delivered.

yeah it will take some time because due to lockdown this will be late

maybe cause of lockdown

Yes. I also placed my order on 28th of July but my payment status is already shown as paid. I have not received my bolt kit either. Kindly look into this matter.

@dmgaya,don’t worry due to the pandemic the delivery will delay but the product will definitely arrive, be patient:innocent:.

I had placed my order on 27th july and still i have not been informed related to the shipment and some of my friends had orderd on the same day and they recieved the kit. Please kindly look into this matter.