Bolt kit not responding to WiFi

My bolt kit’s WiFi led i.e blue led blinks only once when I connect it to the power supply after that the led does not blink at all.

typically it should blink when it is not connected to the WiFi immediately after it is given power supply but in my case it only blinks once every single time when I turn the power supply on.

Hello kazi,
I come to understand that your blue led is blinking only once after your connection to power supply.
You need not worry!!
There might be problems such as:
1.May be your usb must be changed ,as we have to use a usb of 5v.
*Try with another usb!
2.If your laptop is not connected to any charger ,then do please connect it , as bolt device requires sufficent power to power on.
*Try connecting charger to your laptop/use an adapter of any android phones to power on bolt device!
Hope you understood…!!!:smiley:

I sometimes too face the same issue. You don’t need to worry. Check your USB correctly. Check if it is correctly connected, mine was lose so I faced the problem. Even if that doesn’t solve the problem then try plugging it in wall socket rather than laptops.