Bolt LDR project issue

Sir actually i am new to bolt so i start my first project (light Monitoring)and i finished all my setup and program are been finished and i execute in the cloud and my result of graph is always showing the highest value in graph i even place these project in different light ratio at different time and my result is always the same i cant varying

There could be a problem in your resistor, so i would suggest you to change the resistor and observe the readings again

Hi @k.suryaprakash5522,

Have you gone through the troubleshooting section of the topic? it gives a possible reason on why your LDR does not seem to reflect the changes in LED intensity.

Even I am facing the same issue, i.e. ldr shows a constant value of 1.2k. I even tried the same materials ans setup with my Arduino but still it didn’t work. I went acrosee the troubleshooting steps also, checked the code may times but still facing the same error.

Make sure your hardware connections are correct . Resistor should be connected to a0 pin and gnd pin .Moreover you should check when it was updated with respect to time and if this does’nt work you may restart the wifi module.

If you have used 10k ohm resistor and output is 1.02 thousand then try replacing it with 330 ohm resistor as mentioned in troubleshooting section.

As said earlier go through the steps in troubleshooting section. Ensure that you use proper value of resistance value. I used 10K ohm resistor and I got the updated value every 5 mins interval. Try keeping LDR in dark and see the reading and then keep it in the very bright area and check the updates. Keep refreshing the page to see the changes in values.

just check the connections of resistor and make sure that your resistor is connected to A0 and GND pin on the bolt wifi module. If after seeing connections it does not work then try again by changing the resistor