Bolt library and Programming

I wanred to ask that the bolt python library which we use in our python program does it available in other languager like C C++ JAVA and all. And also can bolt iot wifi module is programmable other than python language if so how? (Other programmable languages i mean C, java) Just curious to know as i know C language i wanted to give try if is programmable…

The Bolt Python library is for programming in Python, I believe. Also it’s a Python library,so Python coding is only possible. It may be like other Python libraries like PyTorch, NumPy etc

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Check this answer Hey guys ! can anyone help me in sending data from android application to bolt cloud!?

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Thank you sir for this valuable information!!

So i wanted know if i want to fire some commands on bolt wifi module then i will have to fetch and find http request library in whichever language i am programming??
If so is there any available in c language?