Bolt Microcontroller not working!

I have registered for Bolt IoT and ML program and got my hardware components delivered today. But when I tried to turn on the Microcontroller, it just didn’t work. I tried with various sets of cables there but no light turned on. I also tried to find it in WiFi networks but I am unable to do so.

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Please check if the USB cable is inserted properly in the Bolt IoT module. Also check if the USB cable works properly with other gadgets, like your phone.

To view the Bolt module wifi you will need to download the Bolt IoT app.

For a detailed explanation and proper guide on how to set-up your Bolt module please refer to the following link. Please read all the instructions carefully before proceeding with the rest of the training.

Hope I was able to help you.

Hi @v.saketh23 ,
try connecting it to a wall socket if you connected it previously to your computer, it is possible that your computer is not providing the required voltage to start the module.
(note that you can only provide a maximum of 5V to your mocrocontroller otherwise it may be damaged)
If this doesn’t work, there’s an issue with your bolt microcontroller, contact in gmail and explain your issue to them they might provide a replacement for your microcontroller.
NOTE:- In case you accidentally dropped the WiFi module or applied pressure on the ESP8266 chip, then you can’t get a replacement for your microcontroller.
Do let me know if you need any assistance.

I am facing the same problem


Please take a video of the issue you are facing making sure of the following.

  1. Connect the micro usb cable to the Bolt WiFi module.
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a wall adapter. (Android charger)
  3. Connect the wall adapter to a socket, with the power off.
  4. Hold up the Bolt WiFi module via the use cable just next to the wall adpater with your left hand, such that the metal part of the Bolt WiFi module is visible.
  5. Using the other hand use your phone camera to a take a video, making sure that the metal part of the Bolt WiFi module is visible.
  6. Focus the camera (which you are holding using the right hand) on your left hand and use your left hand to turn on the power.

Things to remember

  1. The metal side of the Bolt Wifi module should always be visible in the video.
  2. The Bolt WiFi module should be powered down at the start of the video, and should be powered up at the end of the video. Don’t worry about the LEDs not turning on. As long as you can confirm that the power is reaching the Bolt WiFi module it is enough.
  3. Do not make any edits to the video.

Upload this video to google drive, and send a link to the same to Make sure that the google drive link is configured to allow anyone with the link to view the video.

We will determine what issue you are facing and how to solve it based on the video. If required, and also if your unit is under warranty, we will have the unit replaced.